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On this site you are pitted against other internet players. Every other player seated will be given either white or brown pieces. In this way the first player to move is determined by random chance. You can enter your initials or call letters bellow.

If no other players are active you will be pitted against the computer.

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Nine Men's Morris

Nine Men's Morris is an ancient strategy board game dating back thousands of years which was very popular in medieval England. It's played on a board consisting of 3 concentric squares with lines connecting at the sides. Each player gets nine game pieces. The pieces are positioned at the intersections on the board.

The game has two stages. First the players take turns placing their pieces on the board. Once all of a players pieces have been placed you are allowed to move them along the lines of the board. They can make one move each turn and can only go as far as the next intersection.

The object of the game is to form a mill which is 3 pieces in a row. Each time a player places a piece into a mill he gets to take one of his oponents' pieces. Pieces that are not in mills have to be taken first so pieces in mills are safe from being taken as long as there are out-of-mill pieces. The game is won by removing 7 of your opponents' pieces since at that point your opponent will have only 2 left which are not enough to form a mill. Alternatively a player wins by blocking all of his opponents pieces so that none of them can make a move.
For more information check it out on wikipedia.

This game has been designed to work with your iPhone or iTouch but is also accessable through most desktop web browsers. When playing on your iPhone this game will format for portrait or landscape orientation.

Follow the prompts above the game board. They will help you along the way by letting you know whos turn it is and what is going on in the game.

Durring the initial stage of the game the players will take turns placing their pieces on the board. The number of pieces left is indicated above or to the of the game board depending on how you have your phone oriented.

When making a move in the second stage, simply click on the piece that you wish to move. You will see the piece become highlighted and look transparent to indicate that you have selected it. Only pieces that are free to move and not blocked on all directions will become selected. To finish the move click again on an adjacent open spot and the piece will move there. If you wish to move a different piece you can simply click on it instead. If you are playing on a computer, moveable pieces will be indicated when you pass the mouse over them.

When you have formed a mill you will be given a chance to remove one of your oponnets pieces. All pieces that are elegable for removal will become highlighted. Click on one of these pieces to complete your turn and remove the piece.

If a player exits in the middle of a game, the computer will take over for that player and finish for him.
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